Monasteries of Ladakh

I like time-lapse videos.  They show me the world in a unique way.

I got a link to this one from my expatriate e-mail pen pal Jack C.

Ladakh is the northernmost region of India.  It is part of Kashmir, high in the Himalayas and close to the Chinese border.  According to Wikipedia, it is inhabited mainly by Shia Muslims and Tibetan Buddhists, who live in peace—most of the time.

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3 Responses to “Monasteries of Ladakh”

  1. himani0801 Says:

    Stunning video… *_*


  2. Perette Barella Says:

    If you like this sort of film, also check out _Baraka_ and _Samsara_ by Ron Fricke. See them on a big screen or in the best HD you can—although Hollywood’s focus on technical detail instead of plot or writing is usually a flaw, these are films where image quality matters.


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