Questions about ISIS financing

The so-called Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL or Da’esh) supposedly gets revenue by selling oil or by selling antiquities.

How does the oil get to customers?  Who buys the relics?  How does the money get to ISIS?  How does ISIS use the money to buy arms and supplies?

Shouldn’t it be possible to cut off ISIS funding?  Wouldn’t this be less costly and, more important, not result in the deaths of innocent bystanders?


ISIS profits from destruction of antiquities by selling relics to dealers and then blowing them up by Robert Fisk for The Independent.  (Hat tip to Jack the expatriate)

Britain’s secret ties to governments, firms behind ISIS oil sales by Nafeez Ahmed for Insurge Intelligence.  U.S. firms are involved, too.

ISIS Export Gateway to Global Crude Oil Exports by George Kiourktsoglu and Dr. Alec D. Courtroubis of the University of Greenwich, London.

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