The waning power of overt white racism

Source: Al Jazeera America

Source: Al Jazeera America

White racists and self-described white nationalists are increasingly on the defensive, or so it seems to me.  Rather than assert the right to rule, they seek to go off by themselves and form all-white enclaves.

I recently read an article about Matthew Heimbach, founder and leader of the Traditionalist Youth Network, an up-and-coming white nationalist group which recruits high school and college students.

Heimbach believes that white people need to separate themselves from other races in order to preserve their culture and identity.  His ideas are parallel to those of Louis Farrakhan and other black nationalists, whom he endorses.

He is profoundly wrong.   A policy such as he advocates could not be accomplished without the kind of ethnic cleansing that accompanied the breakup of Yugoslavia.

But he is not a Hitler, as asserted by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  What he says is very different from saying that other races should be killed or enslaved, just as the harmless Randy Weaver was very different from the murderous Dylann Roof.

I think Heimbach’s stance shows how overt white racists and nationalists are on the defensive in the United States today.  This is a good thing.  It shows that progress is possible.


The Little Fuhrer: A Day in the Life of the New Generation of White Nationalists by Vegas Tenold for Al Jazeera America.

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One Response to “The waning power of overt white racism”

  1. peteybee Says:

    There is a fine line there between wanting to preserve your culture and heritage and celebrating your history, and doing the same but doing it by demonizing another group of people, regardless of whether your group has the means to act on such ideals.

    I welcome pride in one’s culture and heritage, and recognize that many (most?) of the world’s peoples have histories with truly shameful episodes. I believe it is totally possible to get over them and still celebrate the good. So again, more power to those who take that road.

    But as soon as the ideal of ethnic purity enters the picture, smiling faces and professions of non-violence are not enough to satisfy me that mere cultural pride isn’t the other kind of identity belief…


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