Just how evil was Muammar Qaddafi?



Hillary Clinton is proud of bringing about the downfall of Muammar Qaddafi of Libya.

Supposedly his rule was so evil, or so much of a threat to the United States, that his downfall and death were necessary.

Just what did Qaddafi do that was so bad and so threatening?

Qaddafi in many ways was like Fidel Castro.

He was definitely a dictator, although by all accounts a popular one.  Although he listened to advice from popular assemblies, he also crushed opposition.  As in Cuba, there were neighborhood watches to identify opponents of the regime.  He supported revolutionary and terrorist movements, including the Provisional IRA, the Palestine Liberation Organization and Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress.   He sent troops to defend the odious Idi Amin of Uganda.

He was a thorn in the side of U.S. foreign policy.  Libya was a founding member of OPEC, and an initiator of the Arab oil embargo of 1973.   He was accused of direct involvement in many terrorist attacks himself.

The best you can say of the crimes of Qaddafi’s government is that he was guilty of few things that the U.S. government was also not guilty of, and of nothing that U.S. allies have not been guilty of.

But Libyans all had a basic guarantee of food, shelter, medical care and access to education.  He used Libya’s oil wealth to guarantee Libya the highest material standard of living in Africa, and to construct the Man-Made River Project, huge pipelines that tapped underground fresh water aquifers.

After 9/11, Qaddafi was ready to make peace with the United States and its NATO allies.  He renounced his quest for nuclear weapons.   Long a supporter of Pan-Arab unity, he became a supporter of Pan-African unity, and provided support for peace-keeping efforts of the African Union.

Qaddafi's peace-keeping activities in Africa

Qaddafi’s peace-keeping activities in Africa in 2011.

Now Libya lies in ruins, and its government is no longer able to support anything.

There are a lot of bad governments in the world.  There are few that are completely good.  There are none that can be improved by no-fly zones, bombings or arming of proxy armies, contrary to the belief of Hillary Clinton and neo-conservatives who think there is a military solution to all problems.


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Qaddafi speaks at the March 2008 meeting of the Arab League.




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