One victory Bernie Sanders has already won

160321221404-bernie-sanders-israel-aipac-the-final-five-election-special-5-00011615-large-169The most significant thing that Bernie Sanders has done is to prove that it is possible to carry out a credible national political campaign without depending on corporate and billionaire donors and without being rich himself.

This deprives establishment politicians of their excuse that they have no choice but to cater to big-money donors.   It also shows other progressive that they don’t have to compromise with the donor class in order to win.

Even if Sanders loses, which now seems likely, he has shown the way for future, better-prepared candidates.


Trump Falls to His Knees Pleading for Republican Establishment Donors to Fund His Campaign—Offering Them the Ultimate Gift: Supreme Court Proxies by Beverly Mann for Angry Bear.

Small-Business Owners Have a Thing for Donald Trump by Helen Olen for Slate.

Quelle Surprise! US Big Business Prefers Clinton to Trump by 2:1 Margin by Yves Smith for naked capitalism.

Wall Street Money: Barney Frank to Oversee  Democratic Platform While Running Big Bank by Clark Mindock and David Sirota for Political Capital.

Dear Democrats: Please Face Reality by Barbara O’Brien of The Mahablog.


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