Doug Muder on how health insurance works

Poor People Need BETTER Insurance Than the Rest of Us, Not Worse by Doug Muder for The Weekly Sift.

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One Response to “Doug Muder on how health insurance works”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Thanks for this. Though we Brits complain about our NHS it is so good that we cannot help but look pityingly on our American cousins, I mean the ones who can’t afford the insurance because of debts or whatever. Here we have no choice but to accept that poor people in many cases have more need of medical services, by reason of less healthy lifestyle. (Except that those fixated by money and status may get more stress-related diseases.) Rich people with insurance may jump queues but they’ll get the same doctors & often the same hospitals and surgeons & theatres because the NHS is bigger & doesn’t pick & choose its patients and their conditions.

    When there is illness in the family, there are often costs which cannot be covered by the universal provision offered by the NHS.

    In the case of cancer there’s an admirable charity which helps in many kinds of ways. I don’t expect to be its beneficiary any time soon, but am now from recent experience motivated to donate to it.

    One hopes and prays that something good comes out of the turmoil in American politics. But I tend to think that a terrible crisis has to happen first, so that people can start helping one another and abandoning their habits and prejudices.


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