Poverty is hazardous to your health

Click to enlarge.

Mortality rate change, 1992-2006.  Click to enlarge.  Source: Daily Mail


Cancer death rates, 2014.  Click to enlarge.  Source: Rural Blog.


Drug overdose deaths.  Click to enlarge.   Source: New York Times

Obesity.  Double click to enlarge.  Source: Max Masnick, PhD

Some rough generalizations:

  1.  Poverty and poverty-related diseases are found as much in rural America as in urban America.
  2.  Poverty and poverty-related diseases are found disproportionately in the South and Southwest.
  3.   All the negative indicators have a concentration in eastern Kentucky and Appalachia in general.

Compare and contrast Concentrations of people and economic activity.

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One Response to “Poverty is hazardous to your health”

  1. Edward Says:

    According to these maps, it looks like Wyoming is the best place to live.


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