Trump escalates U.S.-Russia nuclear arms race

Source: The Gray Zone.

Far from being an appeaser of Russia, President Trump is ramping up a U.S.-Russian nuclear arms race and greatly increasing a real danger of nuclear war.

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One Response to “Trump escalates U.S.-Russia nuclear arms race”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    Trump really isn’t just thinking about Russia. I believe he’s thinking about Russia and China as allies. If you treat them as a block, you feel you need to match your worst fears of both of them.

    China asserts they only have a few hundred warheads but given the secrecy of their society, the actual numbers are unknown. Trump is paranoid about China and he may be right.

    Most Russian missiles are obsolete to the point of being dangerous. Assuming the target was close enough, the only difference between the capability of an ICBM and a shorter range missile is that the latter is simply cheaper. Russia would like the US to break the INF treaty to more cheaply replace those missiles facing NATO and China.

    My understanding is that the British developed their own warheads. We just gave them the subs and the missiles. The warheads I read about had dialable yields all the way from sub kiloton to a 100 kt. It isn’t uncommon to have that.

    Replacement of W-76-0 100 or W-76-1 90 kt weapons with W-76-2 5-7 kt means a step away from targeting civilian targets or massed military forces and towards taking out high-value hardened targets with less collateral damage. You could also use them as battlefield tactical weapons but you wouldn’t want your tactical weapons on a missile boat thousands of miles away. That’s what short-range missiles and strike fighters are for.

    I bet they have some kind of ground penetration capability and terminal guidance for extreme accuracy. If I wanted to knock out Iranian or N. Korean sites without contaminating large areas or burning/ leveling an adjacent city, that’s what I’d use.


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