Death tolls: COVID-19 vs ‘war on terror’

Sirte, Libya, after NATO bombing (via Craig Murray)

Craig Murray, a former British Foreign service officer, had an interesting observation on his blog.

Nobody knows how many people died as a result of the UK/US Coalition of Death led destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and, by proxy, Syria and Yemen.

Nobody even knows how many people western forces themselves killed directly. That is a huge number, but still under 10% of the total.

To add to that you have to add those who died in subsequent conflict engendered by the forced dismantling of the state the West disapproved of.

Some were killed by western proxies, some by anti-western forces, and some just by those reverting to ancient tribal hostility and battle for resources into which the country had been regressed by bombing.

You then have to add all those who died directly as a result of the destruction of national infrastructure. Iraq lost in the destruction 60% of its potable drinking water, 75% of its medical facilities and 80% of its electricity.   This caused millions of deaths, as did displacement.

We are only of course talking about deaths, not maiming. This very sober analysis from Salon makes a stab at 2.4 million for Iraqi deaths caused by the war.


There are also the vast unintended consequences. The destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria launched a wave of refugee migration which led to politicial instability throughout Europe and contributed to, among many other consequences, Brexit.

For the purposes of argument, I am going to put an extremely conservative figure of 5 million on the number of people who died as a result of Western military intervention, direct or proxy, in the Middle East.

Now compare that to the worldwide death toll from coronavirus: 220,000.

Let me say that again. Western aggressive wars to coronavirus: 5,000,000 : 220,000.

Or put it another way. The total number of deaths from coronavirus in the UK so far is about half the number of civilians killed directly by the US military in the single city of Mosul.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? There are four horsemen of the apocalypse, and while of course I do not blame people for focusing on the one which is riding at them personally, do not forget the others.  

Coronavirus has not finished killing. But then nor have western wars.

Source: Craig Murray

That’s not all.  U.S. economic warfare against Iran and Venezuela is helping the virus to spread in those countries.

Craig Murray is an interesting character.  He was a career officer in the British Foreign Service, but was dismissed while serving as ambassador to Uzbekistan, after reporting on torture and other human rights violations by its then ruler, Islam Karimov.

Murray is a friend of Julian Assange, and claims to have personal knowledge that Wikileaks obtained the Democratic National Committee e-mails through a leaker on the inside, not through a hacker, Russian or otherwise.

I think it is significant that the Mueller investigation never interviewed Murray or Assange in the Russiagate investigations.  The lack of due diligence makes me wonder about Mueller’s commitment to the truth.

At present Murray faces the threat of a two-year prison term for alleged contempt of court, stemming from his blog posts concerning the trial of Alex Salmond, a former leader of the Scottish National Party, on charges of sexual assault on women.

Murray alleged conflicts of interest and the irregularities in the prosecution’s case.  A jury cleared Salmond of all 14 charges, but contempt of court charges against Murray will be decided by a judge.


Craig Murray – Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist.

Backing the Wrong Horseman by Craig Murray.

The staggering death toll in Iraq by Medea Benjamin and Nicholas J.S. Davies for Salon and Truthout.

Intensifying Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, Trump is Weaponizing Coronavirus by Marjorie Cohn for Truthout.

Right-Wing Think Tanks Are Using Covid-19 to Push War with Iran by Sarah Lazare for In These Times.

Dissident ex-diplomat Craig Murray indicted for blog posts in Kafkaesque case by Ben Norton for The Grayzone.

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One Response to “Death tolls: COVID-19 vs ‘war on terror’”

  1. howdidthishappen755112381 Says:

    Phil, thank you for bringing his topic up with your blog. Too few chose to acknowledge how heinous US foreign policy, the grotesqueries our tax dollars go toward. It may be the awareness is too painful, or our compatriots are myopic and parochial to a revolting degree in too many cases.

    Another killer emanating from the US is enforced poverty. It was reported that 2,200 children die daily of poverty: inadequate food, no access to basic health care. That toll, too, dwarfs the death toll from coronavirus. The US numbers for COVID-19 are rife with artifice. Even Dr. Birx stated that the death certificates would list COVID-19 in the top half even without testing for the virus, and other health issues, such as strokes, cancer, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s, heart attack, emphysema, etc. would be listed in the second half.

    The medium has been striving to induce panic, and no avenues for the filthy rich to profit are the consequence while the population contends with medical martial law. The Greater Depression spawned by the government lockdown will kill far more than the coronavirus. This was done to serve the politicians’ corporate masters. BlackRock “money managers” were put in charge of deciding bailout recipients. Watch for them to swell their holdings with trillions through easy acquisition of foreclosed properties when businesses fail and homes are repossessed. The Great Depression resulted in the premature deaths of 7 million Americans. The unemployment numbers are already worse than in the 1930’s.


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