Minimum wages around the world

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  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    I’m assuming the min. wage numbers for the US are some kind of national avergage since it caries by 2:1 between states. I see 7 other countries with a higher minimum wage than the US, and 2 of those (Canada and Germany) are very close. If Washington state were a country, it would have the highest minimum wage in the world, ($15.74/hr. x 40 hr./week x 4.3 week/month is about $2704.) California is not far behind.

    The national minimum wage is $1,207/month. That is at the back of the pack among advanced countries but still ahead of most of the world. Maybe we should consider states that do not have a local minimum wage higher than the national to be 2nd-world developing countries.

    Some countries don’t have a minimum wage, but you can’t differentiate them from those that either did not report or were overlooked. Does China have a minimum wage?

    These numbers would then be adjusted by the cost of living, whatever social programs augmented that income, how many hours in an official work week, and whatever taxes were taken out. I would conclude that while we are clearly more generous compared to the entire world, we are in the middle of the pack among highly developed countries.

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