Things to remember about Donald Trump

720x405-GettyImages-483208910I understand why people support Donald Trump.  Many Americans are justifiably fed up with a government and corporations that don’t represent their interests, and they are under the illusion that he does.  But he represents only himself.

Here are some things to remember about him.

Trump University took thousands of dollars from trusting people who expected expert instruction in the real estate business.  Some 7,000 students paid from $1,495 to $34,995 to learn “insider success secrets” from “hand-picked instructors.”  He did not hire the instructors nor write the curriculum.  The instructors were experts in selling more courses, not in real estate.

Donald Trump is now being sued for fraud.  His defense is that while Trump University may not have delivered what it promises, the courses were not completely worthless.

Donald Trump licensed his name to builders of Trump Ocean Resort Baja California and Trump Tower Tampa.  When the condos weren’t built, buyers lost their money.  Trump told the people who trusted in his name that he didn’t own the businesses and it wasn’t his problem.

Donald Trump has a record of ties to organized crime.  He worked with mob-controlled construction unions in New York City and Philadelphia and did favors for organized crime figures.

All in all, Donald Trump’s business practices are pretty sleazy.

And why won’t he make his tax returns public?

Trump is proud of being famous, but he seems not to care about his good name.


Remember, your choices are not limited to Donald Trump and the other Democratic and Republican candidates.  If neither of the two largest political parties offer a candidate you think worthy of your vote, consider the Constitution, Green or Libertarian candidates.

If Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or any of the other candidates want your vote, let them give you a positive reason other than the badness of their opponent.  What you are willing to settle for is the most you will ever get.

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