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Our eight-legged friends

March 19, 2016


I set out ant and roach traps, but I never interfere with spiders, except maybe to brush away an overly conspicuous cobweb.  Spiders catch and eat bugs I want to get rid of, so why should I treat them as nuisances.  It would be as foolish the United States government picking fights with countries that are  fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda.

So I enjoyed reading An Open Letter From a Spider to All Humans Everywhere and maybe you will, too.  (Hat tip for the link to Mike the Mad Biologist)

Poor misunderstood spiders

October 30, 2014


I never kill spiders, although I do brush away cobwebs when they become too conspicuous. I wouldn’t kill a non-poisonous snake, either.

Spiders with raindrop crowns

August 24, 2013
Photo by Uda Dennie - Solent News & Photo Agency

Photo by Uda Dennie – Solent News & Photo Agency

I don’t usually think of spiders as being cute, but I make an exception for these spiders with raindrops on their heads.   Spiders don’t actually wear raindrops as hats because the raindrops only stay on their heads for less than a minute.  The photographer had to be quick and alert to catch them.

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